In the heart of North Carolina, a young couple is shedding convention and creating a
new design for animal care.

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Lenore Braford and Paul Drake, an architectural designer, are pursuing their dream to build a refuge for rescued farm animals and create a

new set of blueprints for animal care. Supported by a community of passionate volunteers, they are pioneering a concept they call "Animal Centered Design."

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge looks nothing like Old MacDonald’s farm: the goat house is vertical and the duck house is cantilevered over a pond. The chicken house has wings that open with the sun and close for protection at night.  

The antithesis of a factory farm, the structures

are unique to each species—and in harmony with nature, designed to harness natural heating and cooling, air flow and light.


The Refuge currently houses 120 residents, but that's about to change: calls have been mounting

to provide shelter for cows rescued from the dairy and ranching industries. They've decided to expand.

The film follows the hurdles as they conceptualize and build a structure based on the true nature of cows. (*Spoiler Alert: It will not be what you think!)

The story climaxes as the first cows arrive, rescued from a ranch in Oklahoma.

Featuring award-winning cinematography and an endearing cast of animal characters, this new documentary sparkles with unbridled imagination, brilliant workarounds and a huge dose of compassion.
Beyond the Farm provides a blueprint for a new way of seeing the animals around us and a more compassionate way forward. 


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